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Mobile Phone Laser Separator Machine For Screen Glass Frame

mobile phone Laser separator machine for screen glass frame
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mobile phone Laser separator machine for screen glass frame

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mobile phone screen separate machine 
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100-240V 50/60Hz
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Using laser screen spliter to remove domestic mobile phone screen and iphone 8 iphone X screen does have many advantages. First of all, the safety factor is very high. The principle of laser screen spliter USES laser to penetrate the glass cover plate of the screen to melt the glue on the middle frame or glass back cover, which will not cause physical damage to the screen. In addition, the speed is relatively fast, generally a screen laser time about 30 seconds, more suitable for a large number of screen dismantler. Now the mainstream machines on the market can be dismantled, such as OPPO VIVO, apple and huawei

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1.Small machine, big effect

Desktop integrated marking machine, the machine is small, easy to move, although the machine is small, fully functional, the maximum format can reach 30*30 model novel, easy to carry, is the smallest size of the largest marking machine

2. Quality components, quality assured

The high-speed shock scanning system adjusts the delay of the seismoscope to ensure the accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy, and at the same time improves the marking speed.

3. Thickened steel body

Thickened steel plate processing fuselage, more solid fuselage stability, marking more fine. The shell baking varnish is removed to make the machine more delicate.

4. Machine interface

All Chinese and English software operation, simple to learn, simple operation, powerful, coverage is relatively wide, compatible with a variety of formats.


1) Is sample available ?

A1: Yes, free or not depends on sample type and QTY


2) What is the lead time of samples ?

A2: Normally sample lead time is  1-3days


3)What is the lead time of bulk order ?

A3: Normally bulk order lead time is 5-7days, custom printing bulk orders may take 8-10days 


4)What payment modes accepted

A4: We accept wire transfer, Western Union and Paypal

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