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A Cooling Separator To Repair A Broken LCD Screen
Dec 15, 2017

The number of mobile equipment markets is increasing every day, and the need to repair these devices has increased. Separating broken glass layers from the LCD screen of the mobile device is at best arduous, and in the worst case, it may cause damage or destruction of the liquid crystal. At the same time, you can perform this task without using a dedicated device, so it can save time. Your precious time can be used to complete other work orders and to produce more sales.

Determining the best way to get broken glass from a liquid crystal display is a major problem - until now. Using innovative cooling technology, the liquid crystal freeze separator is a change in large and small maintenance stores. The exposed temperature of LCD cold at -13 C causes the glass and liquid crystal to lose its viscosity. What you left is a clean, safe LCD screen. This method is very desirable for screen coverage in an attempt to pry open, which can lead to scratches and fraudulent LCD and technician cuts and bruises.

Using the liquid crystal separator is a kind of wind. You only need to face the liquid crystal in a cold compartment, wait for a period of time, and then delete it. Glass will be miraculously separated, so the remaining LCD, ready to cover new glass! Extreme cold does not damage the electrons, nor does it create or LCD moisture or condensation.

If you are looking for a way to improve your efficiency and further protect your customer's products, you will find that the liquid crystal separator is essential.