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How The Separation Device Works:
Sep 28, 2018

How the separation device works:

The principle is to fix the glass on the fixture to soften the conductive adhesive through the temperature, and then cut the upper and lower two layers of glass automatically with the steel wire to achieve the purpose of screen splitting. Simply put, just let the screen warm a little bit, then fine steel wire adjusted from the cover board or touch where it cut, cut off and put the rubber removal machine to remove the glue, in putting professional cleaning agent can be clean.


Nowadays, many new smart phones are made of assembly. Generally, manual devices cannot be separated without machines. The display and touch screen are connected together and cannot be separated. The mobile phone screen separator adopts the instrument to control the temperature, the cutting speed is adjustable, the disassembly is convenient, the operation is simple and easy to understand, the table surface temperature can be constant for a long time in your set temperature, is the most ideal equipment in the capacitive screen repair market.

The mobile phone screen separator can be used for touch screen below 10 inches due to poor bonding or broken cover plate needs to leave the cover plate with the function sheet, function sheet and LCM liquid module components. For example, it can be used for touch screen damage maintenance of brands like coolpad, VIVO, HTC, lenovo, OPPO, meizu, zte, gionee, huawei, xiaomi, TCL and SONY mobile.