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Tell You How To Maintain And Maintain The Automatic Gluing Machine
Sep 21, 2018

Tell you how to maintain and maintain the automatic gluing machine


13 rules for automatic gluing machine maintenance and maintenance:

1. Before using the gluing machine every day, you should pay attention to check whether the grounding protection is intact. The grounding wire plays an important role in protecting the safety of equipment and personnel, and no grounding abnormality is allowed.

2. After each shift, scrub the glue adhering to the inner wall of the spraying space of the gluing machine and the glue adhering to the cylinder and the hose to prevent the hose from hardening, and clean all parts of the machine and around. working environment.

3. Before use, check whether the oil pipe leaks oil, whether the air pipe leaks, etc. If the bad phenomenon is found, it can be started up in time, and the hose and its connection parts are leaked periodically or regularly.

4. Nozzle is an important component of the spray gun. It is the key to the spray gun. It is necessary to maintain and maintain the nozzle without any damage. At the end of each operation, it must be carefully cleaned.

5. The spray gun should be kept clean and carefully cleaned. Do not disassemble the spray gun except for faults or replacement of spare parts.

6. After use, it is necessary to clean the glue on the glue machine in time, and recycle the remaining glue. Finally, it is necessary to clean and maintain the glue machine itself. This is also very important, and it must not be perfunctory.

7. Check the pollution and oil quantity of the oil in the motor and the worm gear box once a week, and add or replace the oil if necessary (normally, the oil should be replaced once every six months).

8. Check the sprocket of the gluing machine, the lubrication of the chain and the tension of the chain once a week. If there is slack, adjust the tensioning wheel to tighten the chain.

9. Do not drop the gun on the ground or be hit by other objects.

10. When the cleaning nozzle is clogged, do not use metal wire such as iron wire. It should be soaked in solvent and then blown with compressed air. Do not use metal brush to clean the nozzle.

11. The nozzle should be cleaned frequently during the operation, otherwise the paint attached to the nozzle will affect the quality of the spray.

12. Regularly replace the cleaning solvent in the roller box of the gluing machine and remove the glue deposited on the inside of the box and the roller brush.

13. Regularly or regularly remove the glue on the conveyor belt of the residual line sprayer.