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How Do You Distinguish The Pros And Cons Of The Defoaming Agent
Dec 15, 2017

Color is people's perception of light. Different people feel different colors. At the same time, different environments will also affect the colors we observe.

The performance of defoamer has nothing to do with the color of the defoaming agent itself. The color of defoamer is related to the type of defoamer, the preparation of defoamer, the preparation process of defoamer and the storage time of defoamer. The following from the different categories of defoaming agents to introduce why defoamer is shallow.

Emulsion defoamer is usually milk white, but different products may affect the color of the product because of the raw material, formula, process and so on. Generally speaking, the color of emulsion defoamer is from whitish to yellowish. If the color belongs to the property of its own product, for example, the color is light brown, the producer will specify it. In the absence of explanation, if the color of the antifoaming agent of the emulsion becomes red or seriously yellow, it may be caused by deterioration or pollution.

Mineral oil products of different colors according to the different formulation and preparation process of milk from white to brown, may have mineral oil defoaming agent in mineral oil accounted for more than 80%, the general mineral oil obtained from petroleum, petroleum processing, oil source, oil additives and so on will be on heating or stored for a period of time after the color change effect.

Polyether ester defoaming agent and color change has little difference, the color of polyether is generally determined by the catalyst in the process of polyether, with alkaline catalyst, the polyether sometimes is light yellow; with the double metal catalyst made polyether, generally prefer colorless; polyether ester product is generally dark color yellow, the color can range between the supplier and the customer agreement.

In short, different categories of defoaming agent color difference, and exists in the form of defoaming agent and defoaming agent preparation, preparation of defoaming agent of raw materials have a relationship, but defoamer color and defoamer performance is not directly related to the quality of defoaming agent was evaluated by cancellation application field agent, a defoaming agent can be used for different applications, the same applications can also use different kinds of defoaming agent, defoaming agent should say no best but the most appropriate.