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How To Remove Bubbles Except The Bubble Machine?
Dec 15, 2017

Many companies that have not used the bubble machine are curious about how to remove bubbles from the defoaming machine. Is this bubble machine useful to our enterprise's bubble? It has been questioned that the customer is very concerned about the defoaming machine of our company, and there are many bubble problems.

In October 2010, the bubbling machine declared the national invention patent, and it was identified by provincial and national ministries. In June 22, 2011, the People's Republic of China Intellectual Property Office issued the notice of invention patent. Defoaming machine is Shenzhen Tianxingjian electromechanical device limited company research and development of a new type of automatic equipment is non-toxic, no pollution, environmental protection, can replace the printed circuit board industry add defoamer, its consumption and traditional adding chemical defoaming agent can save the cost of 50%--70% products, PCB, LCD, photoelectric widely cleaning industry process.

So how does the bubble machine remove the bubble? What is its function and the way to break it?

In the printed circuit board industry, developing tank and membrane tank production to produce a lot of bubbles, the bubble removal machine can be sucked by physical foam in time, it will get rid of the broken and liquefaction, the circulatory system can be liquefied bubble machine after the bubble back drops in the working groove, to achieve recycling of to completely eliminate the use of antifoam chemicals.

According to the customer and to the film developing tank tank foam produced by suction device of foam inhalation device bubble suction mouth, suction box will be the first in the global filtering of bubble film residue, and then enter the bubble bubble breaking device, by extrusion, will be released in the air bubble puncture, foam liquefied liquid, fall into the bottom of tank. The level of liquid level is collected to a certain height, and the motor is controlled by the liquid level inductor, and then the liquid level is hit to the foam tank, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling.

The foam machine can control the foam in less state when it works in synchronization with the machine. The effect of the defoaming agent is obvious at the beginning of addition, and the subsequent foam will continue to increase until the defoamer is added again. The use of defoamer can not avoid a large number of surplus bubbles accumulated in the tank for a long time. The side effects of these bubbles in the developing tank and the membrane return slot bring different quality risks, such as residual copper, residual gum, short circuit and gap.