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OCA Laminating Machine Greatly Reduces The Cost Of Explosion Screen Repair
Dec 15, 2017

Every industry is popular, will drive the synchronous development of related downstream industries. So is the first intelligent mobile phone intelligent mobile phone industry, has brought rapid development of touch screen mobile phone, which led to the development of mobile phone repair business, especially the mobile phone explosion screen repair. Especially in the mobile phone screen is more and more big, people use mobile phone increasingly long time, mobile phone screen is damaged more frequently.

The past mobile phone screen screen explosion can only change the assembly, due to the emergence of professional screen explosion maintenance equipment, can achieve single touch screen repair, which saves a lot of maintenance costs to consumers. The key in the repair process is fit screen process, therefore, to bring convenience to the maintenance of the equipment is the core of OCA machine.

OCA touch screen laminating machine and the substrate of each guide roller according to the wire direction will be installed, OCA glue applicator, starting the heating system of the oven, set the temperature (the temperature corresponding to different OCA glue is not the same), when the temperature reaches the set after the opening drive motor, fit to start.

Laminating machine during operation is not completely stopped, shall not be reversed, otherwise easily damage the motor or control panel; emergency stop is not recommended in the high-speed operation, the speed below 300 and then shut down, and the computer is similar to stop immediately after the start will make hard disk is rotating and reverse rotation, easy to cause the damage.