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There Are Several Types Of Laminating Machine
Dec 15, 2017

What are the categories of the attaching machine? I believe a lot of people have such questions. Actually, for the laminating machine, the use is very extensive. The main function is to connect the upper and lower two layers of adhesive through equipment. In addition to the traditional shoes, sports equipment and other traditional industries to be useful, in the modern smart machine, a lot of electronic industry can be used to fit the machine.

The fitting machine can be divided into two major categories in general.

1, cold bonding. This fit is mainly glued together with glue on top and bottom two layers. Because of the low melting point of liquid glue, it is generally not necessary to heat it up.  Generally, it is fitted together by a body or a plane. This kind of bonding is mainly used in clothing, shoes, sports equipment and other industries.

2, thermal bonding. This laminating machine usually joins the upper and lower two layers to be bonded by solid glue. Because the melting point of solid colloid is relatively high, it usually needs to melt it into liquid, and then it can fit the upper and lower layers together. This kind of fitting is much more used in electronic and clothing.

By laminating machine working environment or appearance characteristics and vacuum laminating machine, rotary laminating machine, vertical laminating machine and so on several small categories, the laminating machine more in touch screen fit for the industry, the equipment requirements will be higher, usually through the plate at high temperature will be up and down the laminating materials fit together.