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What Is Vacuum Laminator?
Dec 15, 2017

Fit the industry as an emerging industry has been gradually accepted and familiar, now with the fierce competition in the industry, but because the fit also belongs to one of the mobile phone repair equipment, now not as soon as possible to seize the market, behind such profits are only to let him repair, so he opened a "fit" of the industry boom. Below for you to analyze what is the vacuum bonding machine has high efficiency, convenient position, good product rate and other advantages. The vacuum bonding machine, while improving the labor intensity of artificial labor, also gets rid of the excessive dependence on the staff's proficiency. The vacuum laminator is equipped with multi-directional fine-tuning device, which is suitable for different shape products. With special fixture, it can also fit the products with irregular shape such as circular arc and diamond shape. The vacuum bonding roller can be heated for various fitting conditions.

The main characteristics of the vacuum laminating machine: work smoothly, no vibration, fit the rollers can be heated, OCA laminating machine laminating machine to adapt to more conditions, smooth fit, small bubbles, wrinkle free, flexible processing size change. The vacuum laminator is controlled by PLC. It has reliable action and simple operation. The LCD platform is driven by the precision slide rail to ensure the position accuracy. The LCD platform is driven by the precision slide rail to ensure the position accuracy. And the company's new products have heating functions, so that the OCA dry glue and glass better fit together.

The following are the main properties of the vacuum bonding machine:

First. The cleaning treatment of the working area avoids the bad cause of dust.

Two. The vacuum bonding machine has the ability of self dissipation of static electricity to prevent the pollution caused by electrostatic dust.

Three, vacuum sealing fitting, the fitting screen is not easy to change, and the bubble is small, close to nothing.