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What's The Use Of The Glue Removing Machine
Dec 15, 2017

What is the use of glue machine is mainly used for cleaning the OCA glue, like burst assembly screen down, you need to put OCA glue clean, also can use artificial clean, efficiency is very slow, so we're going to lift the glue machine has what effect, through the glue machine, removed the glass mirror on OCA glue clean.

The rubber removing machine is a cleaning equipment for OCA residual glue. Compared with the traditional manual processing method, we use the glue removing machine to quickly and cleanly, the functional film will not oxidize, the backlight will not enter the water, and will not damage the screen.

It uses the import temperature control element, the constant temperature heating, the temperature can be stable at the fixed value of + 5 C. The built-in super durable type of motor motor is designed to ensure that long time operation will not overheat. Imported plate cutter head.

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