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Why OCA Laminating Machine Paste After Deflation There Are Residual Bubbles?
Dec 15, 2017

OCA machine is one of the necessary equipment of mobile phone screen repair, its main role is to make mobile phone screen screen and an outer seamless fit together, but sometimes because of improper operation, resulting in OCA machine fitting defoaming screen still some bubbles, then how to do?

First of all, we should understand the reasons for the residual bubbles in the OCA post - bubble removal, and then find a solution to it.

1. The temperature is too high when the bonding machine is fitted. As the temperature of the OCA bonding machine is too high, the residual bubbles may be caused, and only the temperature can be adjusted.

2, the bonding machine does not go in the vacuum. The vacuum degree of the OCA bonding machine can not be removed, and the vacuum degree of the OCA bonding machine can be adjusted to the appropriate range.

3. The cover is too thick. The cover plate ink is too thick to be solved by changing the thickness of OCA glue, choosing the better adhesive OCA glue and replacing the glass.

4. The pressure is uneven. The pressure, speed and angle of the mobile phone are adjusted because of the uneven force.

5, the quality of OCA glue. OCA glue quality is not good also may lead to, so we want to choose the good quality OCA glue (generally use MITSUBISHI OCA glue).