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Working Principle Of Screen Defoaming Machine
Dec 15, 2017

What is the screen defoaming machine, what is its working principle? Screen defroster, also known as vacuum laminator, is one of the repair devices for mobile phone explosion screen. Many people will buy vacuum laminating machine, but for the vacuum laminating machine, the working principle of the defoaming machine is not known. Let me introduce below.

The defoaming machine used in different industries is different, so the principle of the defoaming machine is different. Similar to the screen defoaming machine, a lot of people only know the defoaming machine is a similar principle of the pressure cooker, generally speaking, most people know the defoaming machine is high pressure working principle, through the air compressor to defoaming machine pressure by high pressure within the screen bubbles squeezed out, but in addition to global screen the principle is not so.

Defoaming machine work is through the air compressor to defoaming machine cylinder pressure, but not by high pressure screen bubble squeezed out, imagine, in addition to global high pressure machine is how to screen the bubble to squeeze out? In fact defoaming machine work pressure not to screen the bubble squeezed out, but the screen inside the bubble and achieve the fusion of OCA glue by high pressure, making bubbles disappear in the screen.

If the bubble and OCA glue in the case of high pressure, then certainly easy to rebound, OCA glioma is not good, there will be more impurities, may result in the bubble or bubble can not rebound, so in the choice of OCA gel to choose better colloid OCA glue, OCA glue thickness in 200um or 250um. In this way, the effect of defoaming can be ensured.