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Screen Separator iPad

Screen Separator iPad
China 's Guangdong Shenzhen City Cast New Technology Co., Ltd JOSION is an innovative Science and Technology company which focuse on the screen repairing system ecological chain’s solution and services for smartphones and tablets. JOSION pursuits for letting science and technology get close...
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China 's Guangdong Shenzhen City Cast New Technology Co., Ltd

JOSION is an innovative Science and Technology company which focuse on the screen repairing system ecological chain’s solution and services for smartphones and tablets.


JOSION pursuits for letting science and technology get close to entrepreneurs. We subverts the dilemma of high cost investments and high-tech constraints for repairing smartphones’screens. We deliver user-friendly solutions with low entry,low costs,high return and free training etc to lengthening the smartphone’s lifespan and getting phone’s professional maintenance closer to entrepreneurship. By gaining in-depth user insights and cutting-edge technology,we provide much better and user-friendly products,being the industry reformer and leader.


Ever since its foundation in 2009,JOSION keeps a growth rate which shocks the whole industry. JOSION Science and Technology has also become the model of innovative enterprise in Shenzhen City; JOSION will not be self-satisfied with the current achievements. The construction of ecological chain will uphold the open and non-exclusive strategy for cooperation, promoting the screen maintenance solutions ecological chain’s construction with industry partners.


JOSION future, building business with intelligence.

Agile JOSION-with intelligence upgrade, innovative and agile manufacturing.


2014 and Shenzhen Rand mobile phone repair training schools to become strategic partners

2016 in the national industry brand quality assessment, high visibility, strong competitiveness, the audit selected "China's mobile phone repair equipment industry leader brand"


Remove the screen artifact

10 inches below the phone tablet can be used

Built-in thermostat

Strong suction

Screen explosion screen artifact, built-in vacuum pump

Do not need to understand the circuit, do not need to understand the professional knowledge, electronic novices can easily change screens

Strong suction. High-quality vacuum pump, suction stronger, easy to use, press the adsorption open, that is activated adsorption.

LED digital display temperature

Set temperature, test temperature

LED digital display, test the actual temperature, so that you can handle the machine temperature control

260 * 175mm full aluminum hot plate

Heating uniform performance and stability

7-inch screen can be all mobile phone components, it is worth your manpower maintenance artifact

Reference parameters

Screen separator

Equipment power supply: AC220-250W

Temperature range: 0-350 degrees

Equipment power: 400W

Temperature stability ± 1.5 ℃

Display: 4-digit LCD

Display resolution: 1 ℃

Product Size: 300 * 230 * 120mm

Weight: 5KG


Step 1 Place the enhanced adsorption silica on the machine and align it with the hole

Step 2 Turn on the power, the machine set the appropriate temperature, the proposed 80 degrees, the temperature is too high, easy to damage the screen

Step 3 The machine into the thermostat on the screen on the table after the vacuum adsorption switch to start preheating 5-10 minutes

Step 4 Take out the well-set split screen stick and adjust the appropriate length of the diamond wire in the circle with several turns. Use the split-screen stick to split from top to bottom and repeat several times until the screen can be easily removed.

Step 5 separation is completed.


Separator temperature was adjusted to 80-100 degrees (about 3 minutes preheat).

Put the screen up, press the vacuum suction, warm 1-2 minutes (softened glue), the use of wire directly separated. After the separation, the liquid crystal surface is cleaned with a de-sizing agent, and the surface is clamped with a screen fixture. The backlighting sealant and the sealing edge (to prevent the UV glue from entering the inner panel) are coated with UV adhesive glue. After the new glass is closed, , Put UV curing light sticking, it is recommended to place more than 30 minutes, (UV glue without leaving marks, long curing time does not produce bubbles.)

The following is the corner of the factory floor


The following is cast new and customers from all over the country to take pictures [a small part of the show]



【Tips】 We promise to guarantee a year, the warranty period of non-human quality problems, accessories we assume, lifetime warranty, warranty period, only parts and shipping by you, we do not charge any labor costs, you assured the warranty for one year, we There is no reason not to do the product well

1, this direct plug can be used? Need to connect an external pump?

Yes, this is a direct plug-in to the built-in pump that can be used. External pump separator need external pump.

2, after the separation can be removed directly plastic it? What steps are still needed?

Yes, after the separation can be directly removed plastic, no other steps Oh.

3, the principle of this is to say that the heating of the OCA plastic edge soft and then start drawing separation?


4, if larger than the 10-inch flat like can be separated?

Can not, because the glue out of the surrounding can not be soft, separated not open. So it must be below 10 inches before it can be separated.

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