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High Power Vacuum Pump

China 's Guangdong Shenzhen City Cast New Technology Co., Ltd JOSION is an innovative Science and Technology company which focuse on the screen repairing system ecological chain’s solution and services for smartphones and tablets. JOSION pursuits for letting science and technology get close...
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China 's Guangdong Shenzhen City Cast New Technology Co., Ltd

JOSION is an innovative Science and Technology company which focuse on the screen repairing system ecological chain’s solution and services for smartphones and tablets.


JOSION pursuits for letting science and technology get close to entrepreneurs. We subverts the dilemma of high cost investments and high-tech constraints for repairing smartphones’screens. We deliver user-friendly solutions with low entry,low costs,high return and free training etc to lengthening the smartphone’s lifespan and getting phone’s professional maintenance closer to entrepreneurship. By gaining in-depth user insights and cutting-edge technology,we provide much better and user-friendly products,being the industry reformer and leader.


Ever since its foundation in 2009,JOSION keeps a growth rate which shocks the whole industry. JOSION Science and Technology has also become the model of innovative enterprise in Shenzhen City; JOSION will not be self-satisfied with the current achievements. The construction of ecological chain will uphold the open and non-exclusive strategy for cooperation, promoting the screen maintenance solutions ecological chain’s construction with industry partners.


JOSION future, building business with intelligence.

Agile JOSION-with intelligence upgrade, innovative and agile manufacturing.


2014 and Shenzhen Rand mobile phone repair training schools to become strategic partners

2016 in the national industry brand quality assessment, high visibility, strong competitiveness, the audit selected "China's mobile phone repair equipment industry leader brand"


Reliability of the vacuum pump

More reliable and high degree of vacuum

Integral cylinder structure high-precision high-limit vacuum

Force pump lubrication to ensure reliability

Large oil windows designed to prevent the lack of oil

Features: Rotary vane vacuum pump The pump is used to extract gas on the sealed container of the basic equipment, which can be used alone, can also be booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump foreline pump, maintenance pump, titanium pump Pre-pumping use. Can be used in the manufacture of vacuum devices, vacuum welding. Printing, plastic, refrigeration equipment maintenance and equipment and so on. Small size, light weight, low noise characteristics of a wide range of applications.


product details

Each vacuum pump is equipped with a bottle of original oil, buy back, their own raise, you can use.

Fill the vacuum pump oil, add half of the window can be

When filling the engine oil, unscrew the large blue screw cap, add half of the window, and then tighten the cap on it.

Description: The blue cap is an exhaust cap that drains air from work.

Large cooling windows, cooling effect is good, better protection of vacuum pump function.

The bottom of the imitation of the feet to effectively eliminate the resonance generated when working


Exhaust the air

Air is a compressible gas, such as containing air in the system will make high pressure, low pressure rise, giving the load of the compressor, between the cooling effect will be worse: the moisture in the air will make the compressor coil insulation decreased, shortening its life : During the cooling process, the water easily clogged in the capillary area to form an ice blocking fault. Therefore, after replacing the system components (such as a compressor and a four-way valve) or repairing a fluorine-free fault caused by a crack in the system copper tube, Before the system to exclude the air,

Common methods are vacuum pump and vacuum R22 headspace.


Vacuum pump parameters

Name: vacuum pump

Power: 550w

Working voltage: 220v

Product Size: 395 * 145 * 257mm

The ultimate pressure: 2Pa

Refueling capacity: 660ml

Weight: 14.7KG

Air intake thread: 7 / 16-20UNF


The following is the corner of the factory floor


The following is cast new and customers from all over the country to take pictures [a small part of the show]



【Tips】 We promise to guarantee a year, the warranty period of non-human quality problems, accessories we assume, lifetime warranty, warranty period, only parts and shipping by you, we do not charge any labor costs, you assured the warranty for one year, we There is no reason not to do the product well


1, vacuum pump need to fuel it?

Yes need to cheer up.

2, can be used directly plug it?


3、vacuum pump need to fuel it? How long can it take to add an oil?

Vacuum pump needs refueling, the amount of oil added between the maximum and minimum, the amount of oil can not be less than the minimum, otherwise it will affect the life of the machine and the vacuum effect

Depending on the degree of use of different refueling time is also different, it is recommended to add oil once every six months, frequent use can be shortened appropriately

4, this machine has a voice?

Yes, there is. There is a voice when you work.

What is the weight of this machine?


6, which need to add the oil is what oil?

Oh, add oil.

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